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Essential Oil Diffuser - What to Look For



Image of essential oil being diffused in water

From anise seed to ylang ylang, you’ve worked hard to procure an impressive collection of essential oils. You, my friend, are squarely on the path to full-on health-nut. Now don’t leave those amber bottles collecting dust. Essential oils have incredible power to focus, motivate, and improve health … but only if you actually get exposure to their aromatic benefits. Using a diffuser for essential oils is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get the holistic benefits of aromatherapy. The best essential oil diffuser for your situation depends on what you need out of the experience. Diffusers work in different ways. If you are still trying to determine which type of diffuser for essential oils might meet your needs, check out this article to understand the different technologies. If you’ve settled on an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, (the best essential oil diffuser, in my humble opinion) read on. There are a few more factors to consider before making a purchase.

Your Space

Size matter -- for aroma diffusers, anyway. Diffusing the vanilla-citrus scent of bergamot to clean the stale air in your cozy office will require a different diffuser than, say, a middle-school gym teacher would need to fix his problems. Coverage output for ultrasonic diffusers can vary greatly, from 200 square feet (a bedroom) to 2000 square feet (a small concert hall). Some units also have dual nozzles to disperse the mist in two directions. Certain diffusers have a smaller capacity and are meant to travel. Portable diffusers often use USB power or a car jack. They can be especially handy in the car, at the office, or when you need to de-funk the atmosphere in a hotel room. The best portable diffusers are small enough to pack and have no breakable parts.

Water Reservoirs

Ultrasonic oil diffusers vary wildly in how much water their reservoirs hold … from a dribble in portable diffusers, to a veritable bathtub with the larger capacity humidifying oil diffusers. Are you going to use a diffuser just during a morning pep-up? Or for eight hours overnight night during cold season? Water capacity becomes important when you want the unit to run without attention. Most ultrasonic essential oil diffusers have information on their packaging or websites under “coverage” and “capacity.”

Bonus Features

Most aromatherapy diffusers include an auto shutoff feature when the water runs dry, and some even include options for intermittent versus constant output – bursts of mist every two minutes, or 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off. Features like this are useful when you want to moderate the amount of oil in the air … you want to smell lavender, for instance, but not to drown in it. Also consider ambient lighting (dimming, color changes, the option to turn it off). Lighting can add style and personality to a diffuser, but if you plan to use it in your child’s bedroom, you won’t want disco lights at 3 a.m.

Essential Oil Diffuser Care

If your diffuser is in a public space, there are plenty of beautiful styles to choose from. Some of the more stylish diffusers are often more complicated to disassemble for cleaning and refills. All units need to be cleaned to keep them in top condition, and to avoid buildup and contamination. The more functional diffusers make it ease -- simply remove a lid to access the innards. Other diffusers require a few more steps to access the working parts. Cleaning is done by wiping your diffuser with a soft cloth, and occasionally cleaning the reservoir and vibrating plate of buildup with vinegar or alcohol.

Companies like doTerra and Young Living promote oils both for their aromatic properties and for therapeutic use. But there is a lot of crossover … the refreshing zing of lime smells like summer, and also has the therapeutic benefit of increasing feelings of energy. Essential oils for diffusers need to be therapeutic-grade oils. If you know where to buy essential oils of high quality, you can get the best type for your diffuser and your health.


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